Monday, May 3, 2010

May-As The Crow Flies!

As customary with each new month, Raven likes to blog about how the month got its name. May, will be no different.

According to Wikipedia, the month May has been named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May.

Again we see how the "god of this system of things" has influenced even the naming of the months, glorifying a pagan goddess of fertility and sex. His influence is evident even more so today, as we see a sexual revolution that honors, glorifies and worships sex and all of its perversions.

It's interesting to note in both common Western calendrical systems, no other month begins on the same day of the week as May. This month and June are the only two months that have this trait, though the first day of August in a common year and the first day of October in a leap year are also unique.

May is a beautiful time of the year. Remember, "April Showers Bring May Flowers."

It is truly a joy to be out in the ministry to see, and drink in deeply Jehovah's glorious floral creations, the blue sky, and flowering green trees and cheerful singing birds. "The heavens are declaring the glory of God; And of the work of his hands the expanse is telling." Psalms 19:1. "There is no speech, and there are no words: No voice on their part is being heard." Psalms 19:3. And yet the existence of these animate, and inanimate creations speak out volumes in honor of their creator.

What a great time and opportunity we have to use our speech to honor and glorify Jehovah verbally with one another, and to our neighbors in the ministry, and in the meditations of our heart to Jehovah. Psalms 19:14

I was hoping, as I promised, to do a blog on why the vanilla pod is so expensive. That will have to wait for another time.

I would like to end this blog with a little poem I read. Not sure who the author is.

When April steps aside for May
Like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten
Fresh violets open every day
To some new bird each hour we listen.

This is Raven-as the crow flies

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