Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September! A New Month Begins

September is one of Raven's favorite months. There are a few reasons why I get excited when the 9th month of our calendar year arrives.

For one thing it is the beginning of a new service year, the time when we increase our activity in the ministry. With renewed zeal and determination we pray for Jehovah's help in fulfilling our assignment; trying hard to make and reach short term goals as well as long term goals, and above all, working together in love and unity with all the brothers and sisters, as that will honor Jehovah, draw others to the truth, and increase our joy. The "joy of Jehovah is our stronghold."-- Nehemiah 8:10.

We have an added reason for joy this month. Another faithful sister has joined the pioneer ranks. Congratulations Janice! May Jehovah bless your self-sacrificing spirit. Looking forward to working with you in the ministry.

In addition to a new pioneer publisher, we are happy, and blessed to have a new baptized brother, Kyle. "It's just the beginning" Kyle. A wide door of activity is now opened to you. What a blessing and asset to the congregation. Congratulations to you, and your parents!

Another reason I enjoy September, it was the month Russell and I were married. It will be 42 years on the 28th.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. The sky was a deep azure blue. Not a cloud in it. A perfect day, not too warm or cold. We were surrounded by so many of our family and friends, sharing in our inextinguishable joy.

To me, he was a perfect wage from Jehovah, a gift for which I will be forever grateful. As expressed in the endearing words of the Shulammite maiden to her shepherd boy, Russell, "my dear one was dazzling and rudy the most conspicuous of ten thousand....His black hair is like the raven....His eyes like doves....His palate is sheer sweetness and everything about him is altogether desirable. This is my dear one, this is my boy companion..." Song of Solomon 5:9-16

Thank you Russ for your love, friendship, spirituality, and support. Happy Anniversary Month!

Being this is the first of September, my delight is to find out how each month got its name.

September is the ninth month of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar, which is used in almost all the world today. It was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar, and its name comes from the Latin septem, meaning seven. September later became the ninth month when the ancient Romans moved the beginning of their year from March 1 to January 1. September has had 29 days, 31 days, and, since the time of the Roman emperor Augustus, 30 days. Unlike the previous 8 months of the year which received their names from pagan God's and Goddesses, the last four months got their names from their original numerical placement in the year.

September is one of the warmest months in the Southern United States. Northern states have warm September days, but the nights get much cooler. It is also harvest time for crops. And, in Switzerland, it's called Harvest Month.

And so dear friends, September is the month when summer slowly comes to an end, soon the fall will settle in. May your September days be fruitful, filled with love, joy and peace.

I will end this blog with a cute "September" poem:

"When the goldenrod is yellow,
And leaves are turning brown -
Reluctantly the summer goes
In a cloud of thistledown.
When squirrels are harvesting
And birds in flight appear
By these autumn signs we know
September days are here."
This is Raven-as the crow flies!


  1. Happy Anniversary Month! September is one of my favorite months also. Greg and I got married on a beautiful spring like day in March. Unfortunately the years following when we would go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, the weather was very wintery.

  2. Thank you for your good wishes Beverly, and for keeping up with my blog.

    When in March were you married? The weather is changing so much around the world. Anyway, wintery weather can be romantic. Having a glass of wine in front of the fireplace is a nice way to celebrate an anniversary.

    Enjoy the rest of this September month. Any good ideas for some fall crafts? Let me know.