Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days - A Time To Contemplate God's Great Works!

My last blog spoke about the fun things we can do during this winter season and I encourage you to comment if you can suggest any other ideas. My blogging friend Sparrow, reminded me too how snow days can be a "guilt-free"day for staying home to rejuvenate, and I couldn't agree more. Even our creator Jehovah God encourages us to do that.

Some time ago during my personal Bible reading I came across a scripture that I couldn't wait to share. It says, "For to the snow he says, 'Fall earthward'. And to the downpour of rain, even to the downpour of strong rains. On the hand of every earthling man he puts a seal For every mortal man to know his work." Job 37: 6,7. Infact that whole chapter and also Chapters 38-42 magnifies Jehovah's greatness through his creative works. So just as Jehovah informed Job of his wonderful works, and to think about them, he does so with us as well through the pages of his word the Bible, and his glorious creation. What a great time to do that, when we are "snowed in" to learn and think deeply about our magnificent God, and his outstanding works, which we know only the fringes of.

"By the breath of God the ice is given."

"For to the snow he says, 'Fall earthward'

"He is giving snow like wool. Hoarfrost he scatters just like ashes."

Today, January 12, 2011 proves to be one of those snowed in days. It started snowing last night about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. and it is still coming down. I'm in my glory and I know Sparrow is too.

Take some time today to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do like; Sleep late. Watch a good movie snuggled under a blanket. Bake some cookies. Start a blog, or a scrapbook. Organize your photo's. Take pictures of the snow. Go for a nature walk in the snow. Break out an old board game. I haven't done that in years. Make a snowman, or woman. Or course shovel your driveway if you want to get out the next day. After you do that, you can come in to warm up by the fireplace drinking a cup of hot coca as you sit looking out of window watching the snow fall.

A priority to this list of course is to think about Jehovah. Contemplate his great creative works. Take time to look at each branch of a tree or bush that is laden with snow. Think about his wonderful cardinal qualities of love, wisdom, justice and power. If we enjoy the snow, he must too, because we are created in his image, he gave us things he knew that we would delight in.

Perhaps we can look up some of his qualities in the "Insight Book" on this snowy day, or how about look up information on snow and ice, it's there. This would be a good day to work on my return visit book, that will be a big job. I need about 3 snowed in days for that.

Snow is a four letter word. It is a gift from God and he's stopping all mankind from their work to take time to think about him, the provider of every good and perfect gift. Enjoy your snow day whatever you do!

This is Raven-as the crow flies!


  1. Okay... I already took some pixs at 530 am today... you will have to go to another blog to see it... baked cookies last night with my girls... sadly Mickey was picked up by Hospital to go to work.. the sick still need help but soon as we are told at Isaiah 33 vs 24 will will not concern ourselves with that ... just what to do on guilt free snow days!!

  2. So glad you did some fun things. I saw the picture you took, it was excellent. Sorry Dove had to go to work, but that was a labor of love, especially in this weather.

  3. It was another snow day for rejuvenation. I loved it! The reality sets in afterward, such as my gutters that look like the ice covered branches in the photographs. Water from the roof taking a detour through my living room ceiling! And I hear tell that more snow is on the way! I will still enjoy it. There are plenty of non-snow days to worry about my living room!

  4. That's the spirit Sparrow! Enjoy another wonderful snow day!