Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Winter Fun!

Snowmen fall from heaven......disassembled.
Winter fun is putting them together especially with the grandchildren.
I'd like to share a poem I recently read, that nostagically describes winter fun when we were children.
"Winter Snow"

I shall neglect some trivial household task
Here by the window in my chair, to bask;
I'll watch a million snowflakes sifting by
Without a single whisper or a sigh-
Serene and still, they settle one by one;
To lie in wait for children's winter fun.
I still remember scenes of long ago-
The thrilling sights of wondrous winter's snow.
I can remember stinging hands and toes,
And battling with that irksome, runny nose;
The rolling up of snowmen--fat and tall,
The stinging whack of some cold, icy ball.

Now-let the younger generation play-
I'll thrill to winter's snow in my own way!
Ready for some winter fun?

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