Friday, December 7, 2012

Galloping Into And Out Of The Fall Season

The fall season for 2012 began at approximately 10:49am, September 22.  Where did the time go.  Here we are close to the end of fall going into winter.  Don't ask me what happen.  Life happened.  I wanted so much to get on the blog to write about something, just to let everyone know I am still alive.

Of course we started a new service year, and that's always exciting.  New avenues of service like the "Manhattan Project" is proving to be very successful. Also, helping many others to come to know the truth through the computer using our official web site, and being able to read literature in their own language is nothing short of a miracle. Jehovah is speeding things up, just like this horse that is running.  Isn't this a beautiful horse?  It's a black Friesian running into and out of the fall, and soon to run into the winter season. It is a beautiful breed of horse I would love to have.  If not in this system, definitely in the new system.  Here are a few facts about this beautiful animal.

The Friesian (also Frisian) is a horse breed originating in Friesland, Netherlands. Although the breed's conformation resembles that of a light draft horse, Friesians are graceful and nimble for their size. During the Middle Ages, it is believed that the ancestors of Friesian horses were in great demand as war horses throughout continental Europe. Through the Early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages, their size enabled them to carry a knight in armor. In the Late Middle Ages, heavier, draft type animals were needed. Though the breed nearly became extinct on more than one occasion, the modern day Friesian horse is growing in numbers and popularity, used both in harness and under saddle. Most recently, the breed is being introduced to the field of dressage.

Distinguishing features
Black, 15-17 hands, powerfully muscled, agile with elegant action, thick mane and tail, feather on lower legs.

Alternative names
Belgian Black (UK)

Country of origin

Please click on the link below to see a video of these magnificent creatures, and I guarantee you will want one too.

Enjoy the rest of the fall season, and for that matter the rest of 2012, it's almost over. In the meantime I am hoping to take a little time to try my hand at sketching and watercolor painting, something I always wanted to do.  Watching a movie about Beatrix Potter, the author of children's books really inspired me.  If you haven't seen the movie "Miss Potter", I highly recommend it.  It is rated G!

This blog is short, I know, but it's good to be back!  Don't know when the next installment will be, but be assured I will try to keep it up.

This is Raven - as the crow flies

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