Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Has Begun!

Yes, winter is upon us. The winter solstice began on Friday December 21, 2012 at 6:11am, and it marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun appears at its lowest point in the sky, and its noontime elevation appears to be the same for several days before and after the solstice. Hence the origin of the word solstice, which comes from Latin soltitium, from sol, "sun" and -stitium,"a stoppage." Following the winter solstice, the days begin to grow longer and the nights shorter.

 It really is a pretty time of year, although it can be challenging. Like that cute little black cat climbing on a slippery snowy roof, we must forge ahead, courageously, unafraid, but carefully. Be dressed and prepared to face the ever changing elements of winter and you will enjoy it. Snowy days can give us opportunities to enjoy simple pleasures in life. Recently, I purchased an intriguing book entitled "Paw Prints in the Moonlight". It is a heartwarming true story of one man and his cat. It is a special tale of one kind man and a cat that thought he was human, who changed this man's life forever. The story takes place in the rural splendor of Northumberland, England. I have not read it yet but anxiously look forward to it. Here is beautiful display of winter scenes we hope to see this winter. Enjoy!
We know that many people celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th, Christmas day, and though many do so out of sincere love and devotion to Jesus, more are finding it a challenge to achieve what they view the real meaning of Christmas to be. Especially in view of many of it's customs being of pagan background, and Jesus not even born on that day, millions have chosen not to participate in celebration of Christmas at all. Please view the video presented below on this blog that shows the real meaning behind the Yuletide traditions. It is an amazing expose of this so called "christian" holiday. It is long, about 35 minutes, but well worth watching. Also, I encourage everyone who has not read the December 1, 2012 Awake! article "Something Better Than Christmas", to please read it. It is presented in such a fine way.

 Enjoy the rest of this year, and I will see you next year, 2013, Jehovah willing.

 This is Raven - as the crow flies!

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